Hair Extension Home Aftercare

Hair Extension Maintance

Preparation for Fitting (After Consultation)

·        All chemical processes (colouing/perming) need a period of 7 days prior to application

·        Wash hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo ensure no conditioner or styling products have been applied to your hair and your that your hair is straightened


·        Do not wash your hair for 48 hours after fitting so as give the bonds time to set

·        Hair to be washed a maximum of twice per week as not to put to much stress on the hair

Always use a shampoo and conditioner recommended for hair extensions as high street brands contain silicone which will cause the extensions to weaken and break down

·        Before washing detangle the hair with recommended hair extension loop brush

·        It is advisable to stand in the shower with your head tilted backwards do not rub or twist  the hair  gently smooth the recommended shampoo over the scalp with your finger tips

·        Do not put conditioner on the bonds this will weaken them apply to the lengths and ends and gently rinse

·        After washing gently squeeze out the excess water and pat wet hair with a towel do not wrap in the towel as this will cause tangling

The hair extensions need conditioning in order to keep them in optimum condition

Spray the recommended conditioner onto the lengths and ends of the extensions avoid the root area as this will  soften the bonds

·      Preferably allow the extensions to dry naturally avoid direct heat on the bonds  and root area as this will weaken them  a cold setting is advisable

·        Hair can be styled as normal hair

·        Always use the recommended hair extension loop brush as not to rip or break the hair

·        Brush your hair twice a day to avoid matting or tangling hold one hand over your head to support the bonds and brush gently

·        Plait hair before sleeping to avoid matting tangling or knotting

·        It is possible to colour hair extensions but this may affect the quality of the hair

·        The T section can be coloured whilst wearing extensions the bonds should never come into contact with hair colour or peroxide

Maintenance appointments are strongly recommended every 4-6 weeks

Micro rings repositioned every 6-8 weeks

If maintenance appointments are not upheld we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your hair

It is your responsibility as the client to look after your hair and use the aftercare guide for advice and management

It is possible to reuse the hair and have a full fitting at a reduced price

It is not advisable to keep extensions in for longer than 3 -4 months as your regrowth can become matted and will become harder to remove


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